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Trades are executed at the rate you see, on easyMarkets platforms ensuring you will never be surprised by a spread change during volatility. The Discover Series video archive goes into more depth on the various instruments available to trade on easy Market’s platform and therefore the history and ideas behind them. Easy Markets take deposits by credit cards and Neteller which instantly fund the accounts, while Skrill and bank transfer usually a couple of hours.

Like many of the other alt-coins Polkadot claims faster transactions and scalability. Ripple is both a cryptocurrency and a payment network initially released in 2012. XRP is blockchain-based like Bitcoin, but according to the creators, is less energy-intensive to mine, carries lower fees and processes transactions quicker. Unlike Bitcoin, servers are bank-owned instead of peer-to-peer. Bitcoin is an encrypted digital coin or currency with a public ledger that records all transactions.

To ascertain an inventory of the highest MT4 brokers, see our comparison of MT4 brokers. In simple terms, a partner recommends new customers to our website to use our service and when they do, the partner receives compensation for the referral. Most affiliates create content related to financial markets, economic news or trading. But anyone can be an affiliate as long as they have a way to direct people that are interested to easyMarkets. EasyMarkets is dedicated to price transparency, so you can rest assured you will never be burdened with hidden fees.

CFDs are the easiest and most popular way to trade commodities and indices due to their simplicity, ease of trade, leverage, ability to short sell and cost effectiveness. You can diversify your portfolio by trading CFDs on as both spot deals and options. When you buy a CFD you are buying a contract for a certain price; you don’t take possession of the physical product, Read our CFD FAQ here. No, you only need to register for an easyMarkets account and to submit your KYC (Know Your Client, i.e. identity verification) information.


You can also manage your already opened positions when markets are moving, so you can better manage your exposure. Trade without spreads or margin requirements with easyTrade and with a locked in maximum exposure. Use Payout Target to automate which closes your easyTrade when it reaches a predefined level. It also simplifies trading to just three steps – choose your maximum risk, the duration of your trade and decide whether the rate will go up and down. expands offerings, adds 12 New US Shares across all its platforms, including MT4.

Exciting Changes on the easyMarkets Trading Platform

Additionally, for traders who wish to trade from a browser, easy Markets’ web-based platform is obtainable . As you’ll see, EasyMarkets’s minimum spread for trading EUR/USD is 1.8 pips – which is comparatively high compared to average EUR/USD spread of 0.70 pips. Below may be a breakdown of what proportion it might cost you to trade one lot of EUR/USD with EasyMarkets vs. similar brokers.

The so-called “VIP account” is the standard with this broker. An initial deposit of 100 euros is required to set up the account, the low amount is another plus point with easyMarkets test. In-depth information about the trading platforms can be found right away, as are the unique tools that the broker’s customers can use. The menu also results in the themes of further training, market analyzes and get in touch with options. EasyMarkets already lists the awards received on the first page; the registration number and address are often found in the footer of the page. Many brokers adjust their spreads depending on how active the markets are.

The MT4 Platform has slippage on execution of orders, stop loss and take profit, but negative balance protection is guaranteed. Easy Markets supports MT4 and therefore the mobile suite of the MetaTrader tools, along side their propriety platform which they develop themselves. The Getting Started section is an archive of videos on the basics of trading also as an introduction to easy Market’s features and tools. Founded in 2001, easyMarkets was one among the primary online brokers. In the easyMarkets test it seems that neither deposits nor withdrawals are charged, which clearly speaks for the seriousness of the broker.


Even during extreme events like the Swiss Franc peg removal, the Brexit referendum, the Trump electoral win or the insane moves of the cryptocurrencies. Once you sign up for your easyMarkets account and log in, you can revisit this page and download MT4 to your device. Execution – our traders can exercise their option with no obligation at any time within the life of the contract, this is not the case for binary traders, who have no option once a contract is entered into. Options are simply a different way of trading currencies and commodities.

How do you trade with easyMarkets?

Cardano is similar to other cryptocurrencies, i.e., a platform based on blockchain, but is touted as being a more sustainable, flexible and scalable solution. The network supports games, decentralized financial apps and new crypto tokens. EasyMarkets Tickets allow you to choose between a day trade, a forward deal, a pending order or an easyTrade.

  • Metatrader 4 is a popular trading platform amongst experienced traders due to its customizability and advanced features which allow for tailored market analysis and automated trading.
  • The truth is that a serious trader should always be researching and learning.
  • It allows you to trade an asset without being obligated to own it.
  • Authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission in the Republic of Cyprus at 19 Diagorou Str.

With options you are not charged rolling fees and can never be stopped out. The CFD of Bitcoin tracks the Luxembourg licensed bitcoin exchange Bitstamp. In January 2009, Bitcoin was launched, becoming the first decentralised currency or cryptocurrency. Discover what led up to the launch of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency, when the first transaction took place, how the Bitcoin exchange was formed and much more. Cryptocurrencies are seldom affected by policy changes or geopolitical instability – and we have seen markets treat it as a safe-haven because of this.

Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs with easyMarkets gives you access to a regulated broker established in 2001. Chainlink’s innovation is that it allows entities that aren’t blockchain-based to connect or communicate with blockchain platforms – this is also known as middleware. Chainlink can connect smart contracts on the blockchain with non-blockchain data like stock prices for example. One platform, 300+ markets and all the tools you need in one fast, friendly interface. Accessibility is very important when trading, this is why easyMarkets has a dedicated web platform packed full of its useful tools and features. Great for traders that use technical analysis to find enter and exit levels.

easyMarkets Launches a New easyTrade Feature – ‘Payout Target’

This ledger is run on peer-to-peer software on servers known as ‘nodes’. The price of BTC is largely driven by supply and demand but can be affected by rumors of regulation or full-out regulation. Now join us as we take you to a whole new level of online trading.

The amount to risk cannot be more than the available free balance. This SMS Alert service is supplied for your convenience; please note that due to the reliance on external network providers, we cannot guarantee the timeliness, relevance or accuracy of data provided. easymarkets broker excludes all liability for any loss due to use of the content in the SMS Alert. Content of SMS Alert does not constitute a recommendation and use of such content is the sole responsibility of the user.

This unlocks an entirely new way to hold your cryptocurrency assets, while also giving you the ability to trade with them, without ever needing to exchange your funds to FIAT currencies. Easy-forex has been a leader in the forex industry for more than 12 years. Since our start, we’ve grown to offering you over 300+ markets to trade – not just forex. Now we offer forex, commodities, options, indices and metals!


There also are no minimum withdrawal amounts, with the exception of bank transfers, where the minimum amount is 50 US dollars or the equivalent in euros. Finally, we’ve listed a number of the favored funding methods that EasyMarkets offers its traders below. Like most brokers, EasyMarkets takes a fee from the spread, which is that the difference between the buy and sell price of an instrument. Due to the market movement we were able to improve the dealt rate. DealCancellation cover cannot be transferred to other deals and/or to other accounts. The fee calculation is based on the realised volatility of the selected product.

easyMarkets awards traders with incredible Real Madrid prizes!

Unlike many other brokers, their account offerings are specifically geared towards new traders. A coffee 100 USD minimum deposit, a simplified proprietary trading platform, and free SMS alerts offer new traders a simple entry into Forex trading. Easy Markets offers traders its dedicated web platform, which allows traders to trade anywhere with any internet enabled device and internet connection. There also are a variety of built-in analytical tools, with access to quite 200+ trading instruments and have like deal Cancellation, Freeze Rate and Free Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit. Due to exchange rate fluctuation, the margin to risk, once converted back to the trading account’s base currency, may be different when the deal is cancelled or closed. EasyMarkets prides in itself offering an exceptional trading experience.

Absolutely easyMarkets offers a free demo of its platform so you can see all the advantages it offers you. Of course, smaller denomination of lots is available as well 100, 1,000, 10,000 to accommodate any size of account and margin availability. Created by Omise, OMG network focuses on streamlining exchanging assets and digital wallet issuance. According to Omise, ideally the OMG Network would be able to move assets across payment platforms, from cryptos to FIAT, even loyalty points. Solana is designed to host scalable and decentralized applications as a blockchain platform. Like other rivals to the top two cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin, it boasts much faster transactions and significantly lower fees.

Blackbull Markets

Metatrader 4 is a popular trading platform amongst experienced traders due to its customizability and advanced features which allow for tailored market analysis and automated trading. Indices are portfolios or ‘baskets’ of stocks from a particular country or region. This portfolio tracks the performance in the relevant market or exchange. Our traders are therefore able to formulate strategy to profit from both rising and falling exchange markets by trading the index. From our simple and easy to use platforms, we offer you the ability to trade currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices and options. Our fresh, new website is fully responsive to your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Interested traders can use the forex demo account Take a picture yourself and check the individual criteria in the easyMarkets test. Behind the initially unknown provider easyMarkets is the well-known Forex and CFD broker easyForex on closer inspection after re-branding. As before, customers at easyMarkets can gain experience with numerous forex pairs, plus CFDs, also on crypto currencies, also as vanilla options and forwards at the Cypriot broker. In the easyMarkets test, the broker can score with favorable spreads, a demo account and a well-established educational offer make it easier for beginners to get started. The easyMarkets ratings also are good for the trading platforms and customer service.

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