Data privacy policy

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Data Privacy policy

Collection, classification, application, use and storing of data collected by Fhantom while providing its services and products to third parties shall always be governed by legal provisions mandated under applicable Indian laws and rules thereunder / RBI / NPCI and other regulations. Moreover, wherever Fhantom undertakes additional parameters of data protection by way of specific agreements with specific entities, for additional consideration, the data protection shall also be governed by respective specific obligations undertaken regarding specific entities for specific period, which is generally as per the tenor and tenure of respective agreements. Fhantom receives, collects, complies, stores, processes, and utilizes data for providing services to the designated users and the data protection and privacy thereof are also governed by industry level standards applicable to such contingencies through further confidentiality agreements with such entities who may have occasion to share some data for specific purposes. Necessary checks and balances for access to data are provided by Fhantom on par with industry standards. This practice is accepted as providing sufficient further cover to data received by Fhantom. Data is shared only on need-to-know basis and only to the extent required to be shared as is strictly permitted under respective stand alone or back-to-back agreements. Fhantom updates its data protection and privacy policy keeping in view the regulatory guidelines and customer requirements.