Agency Banking Services

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Agency Banking Services

Merchant services, often labeled credit card processing, is the handling of electronic payment transactions. They’re generally run through an account that a merchant sets up to facilitate credit card processing. A merchant services provider simplifies the payments acceptance process, enabling merchants to expand their payment options, get their money more quickly and a number of other benefits.

Agency Banking Services

Fhantom facilitates affordable micro transactions. It is an easy way for the banks’ customers to send and receive payments without visiting the bank. Anyone with a registered mobile service can use this feature. It will enable banks to spread banking to remote regions. Fhantom can be extended to provide Banking through a retail outlet, postal outlet or individuals contracted by a bank to process client transactions. It is a departure from the conventional brick and mortar branch-based banking framework. The service supports –biometric, card base & PIN base, payments interfaces on all wireless devices & multiple operating systems and can be implemented through any of these – POS Terminal, Mobile Phone, Laptop or Tablet in conjunction with external accessories.


Fhantom offers Agent Banking solution for the banks to deploy Agents or Business Correspondents along with their mobile devices who can extend banking services in remote areas with no access to bank branches triggering Financial Inclusion. The people need to have a mobile number registered to receive real time updates about their transactions carried out by the agents. This concept of Door-to-Door banking also has applications in easy customer on-boarding and improved customer servicing in other areas. The system is backed by Fhantom.

Why Agent Banking?

  1. 2 billion people worldwide and 200 million Indians are still unbanked as per the latest reports.
  2. Enhanced customer service by ensuring system availability and quick complaint resolution
  3. High level of convenience due to proximity of banking services and lesser dependency on banking hour
  4. Helps in Financial Inclusion

Transactions Supported

  1. Cash In (Deposits)
  2. Cash Out (Withdrawals)
  3. Repayment of Loans
  4. Bills payment
  5. Mobile/DTH Recharge
  6. ATM/Debit Card PIN change
  7. Funds Transfer
  8. Account Enquiries
  9. Loan Application & Lead Generation along with Document Capturing
  10. Many More banking services.