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Founded in 2012, Intercash has developed extensive knowledge of the payment industry, while also staying up-to-date on the latest trends and tech innovations. With over a decade of experience, Intercash has established countless partnerships to procure our solutions and most importantly has the understanding of how the industry components function and come together. As a global provider of local payment solutions, Intercash has developed strategic relationships with local card issuers from regions throughout the world. What are the special features are available in white label master cards?

  • They are most often used by small businesses that need on average about 4 cards issued on their credit line.
  • Blockchain technology allows us to transfer ownership of digital assets quickly and efficiently, without the need for centralised ledgers or manual intervention.
  • Proud to serve some of the largest, most successful businesses in the country.
  • You no longer have to merge different systems and spend months to integrate payment functions.
  • Offer physical and virtual payment cards in your brand design to your customers.

Business Credit Cards are available in a variety of types, from low APRs to cards with various rewards options. With a focus on technology and innovation, Intercash has developed a number of customizable products for issuing payments on a global scale. Fully branded, responsive prepaid card marketing website, compatible with both desktop and mobile. Every master and visa card process is instantly loaded by using a secured card management mechanism. This will be done by automatically so no one can wait for much time.

How GPR helps banks

Usually, the company that creates and issues the card collects the money from fees. Flexible WhiteLabel solution for turnkey launch of branded credit cards specifically for your business, guaranteeing a fast time-to-market through simplified integration. By offering prepaid gift cards to retail customers, banks can easily expand their breadth of services and customer engagement. Gift cards are available for in-branch purchase or ordering on your existing retail website. We manage all aspects of your gift program so that you can focus on serving and retaining customers. Our team will handle card production, fulfillment, and shipping to get physical cards to users within three days and virtual cards instantly.

white label prepaid card

From marketing to product development, we help you create and launch a program that fits your customers needs. We partner with processors and program managers to build a successful product for you and your cardholders. Diners Club® Commercial Products Explore card offerings and expense management solutions offered through Diners Club. Offer Splitpay to divide individual payments or entire billing amounts into smaller installments or connect with Buffer to fund card payments from a secondary source at the point of sale. Enable your customers to top-up their accounts and make payments throughout Europe using our payment flows network.

Accepts all major payment options

For more than a century, payment cards have been a fixture in the banking world, enabling consumers to make cashless payments for goods and services. Now the dominant form of payment in the world, the earliest version of a credit card was the Charga-Plate, which looked like a dog tag and had customer details embossed on it. Design your best-fit solution, allowing you to operate effectively within an on-demand economy, launch your fintech startup, supercharge your neobank, or create cards for the travel industry. You can choose to launch your white-label cards with Visa, Mastercard, or UnionPay, set them up as prepaid or debit, and select physical or virtual options.

Please bear in mind that certain payment service providers do not accept prepaid virtual cards. This is out of our control and is covered in our terms and conditions. However, it may be the case that your card has been flagged for some reason, in which case we can submit a request for clarification from the issuing bank. Learn more about how white label payment gateways work and the benefits of using them.

What is Kiple Visa prepaid card?

When providing online marketing services for various companies it is crucial to keep control over the budget our clients entrust us as well as our own money. WestStein services allow us to make safe payments online and never spend more than we have assigned to a particular project. The number of the cards connected with our company’s e-wallet is unlimited; we intend to use this solution in the long term. Kiple is also a certified partner for Bank Identification Number sponsorship in Malaysia. With a BIN, businesses can offer Visa debit, credit or prepaid cards to their customers directly.

As a flexible and universally appealing gift for consumers and businesses alike, it’s no surprise that customer demand for prepaid gift cards has been on the rise. Prepaid Technologies works with financial institutions to create gift card programs to meet demand and deepen customer relationships. Merchants who don’t wish to build out their own payments infrastructure should choose a card-issuing partner that offers an all-in-one payment processing platform with a comprehensive catalog of financial services.

End to end card service

You know your business needs and what your cardholders want—our white label credit program helps you deliver. Our customizable solution allows you to bring distinctive consumer value propositions to life in a way that builds your brand and business. Our debit network PULSE offers a range of solutions for issuers, acquirers and businesses. Enhance the experience for your customers or cardholders with future-readied payment solutions that can flex to fit your unique needs. A FinTech company has two ways of putting its own card program in place.

white label prepaid card

The card itself isn’t attached to a bank account and doesn’t give the user the option of borrowing money to make purchases. The Crassula card issuing module is closely used in combination with Core Banking. Our API solutions provide a secure onboarding and data exchange among our partners so that our clients can have fully functioning virtual and plastic cards issued and all required financial records obtained. With Wallester, you will be able to issue your own branded payment cards, allowing you to implement an innovative payment system and enabling streamers to have instant access to the earned funds and use them immediately.

How long will plastic cards take to be issued?

Reach a certain transaction volume threshold and get a percentage of the interchange revenue earned from all card purchases. A full suite of API’s available to integrate onto your platform and automate the process. Card holder services via interactive voice response and SMS messaging systems that can be customised.

More than card issuing.

This is a perfect finance tracking and management solution for companies that want to have less paperwork, more money and more time on their hands to grow. If you plan to create a financial card issuing company, let us advise you to choose the best jurisdiction that suits your interests and that of your clients. We advise you in the selection of the most convenient country to apply a payment processing license. We ensure the secure and compliant processing of your customers’ card payments.

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