Switching Services

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EFT Switching Services

Fhantom offers EFT switching services to banks with existing CBS hosts. For enabling authentication, verifications and appropriate routing of transactions to the respective banks of the customers, we provide a world-class EFT Switch which validates the customer card, the ATM/POS terminal, and the PIN, and then forwards the transaction to National Financial Switch (NFS) and back.


Fhantom EFT Switch enables ATM, Merchant POS, and E-commerce payments, and is offered to our client banks as PaaS (Platform as a Service) on a shared basis. It allows banks to enable ATM/POS network sharing and universal acceptance of their ATM/Debit cards.


In an omnichannel environment customers like to interact via the channel of their choice ATMs have evolved as a popular self-service channel chosen by the customers due to convenience of extended hours availability and transacting in a secure branch-like environment. Fhantom helps to establish a true omnichannel experience by integrating and collaborating various channels in the network letting create a seamless user experience. The added advantage is freeing time of the human resources who can spend more time in building relationships and advising customers.


Payment is the last mile of a buying decision and plays a big role in customer convenience. It needs to be valued in the same way as the rest of r customer experience. Today, mobility has influence on every step of the shopping experience and touch every part of the value chain. E-Wallets, EMV ready POS, Tablet POS and m-POS are trending payment options in the marketplace which the customer expects as a part of financial services bundle. Fhantom integrates r offerings with these channels and makes market ready. Moreover, it is PCI compliant and has operational processes and practices which breeds proactive approach to data security.


The worldwide expansion of the internet has considerably contributed to the transformation of trade and store transactions. With large number of businesses going online, e-commerce is indispensable for all groups of customers. Mobile commerce growth is another exciting trend to watch considering the popularity and widespread use of smartphones and growing usage of tablets. Both e-commerce and m-commerce are showing triple digit growth year on year and has impeccable impact on payments. Fhantom enables r consumers to complete majority of their shopping journeys via multiple devices giving a competitive edge in the industry.

IMPS Switching Services

IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) is an instant, 24×7, interbank, electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS facilitates use of mobile instrument as a channel for accessing bank accounts – thereby, enabling interbank fund transfers in a highly secured manner (with immediate confirmation). This facility is provided by National Payments Corporation of India.We have developed our own IMPS switch as Technology Service Provider which synchronizes bank server data with NPCI switch and processes immediate payments. Citizens can use the IMPS service using their registered Mobile number and Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) or through Internet Banking using their Account number and IFSC code.

UPI Switching Services

UPI or “Unified Payment Interface” has been taken up by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) as a new initiative to simplify and provide a single interface across all NPCI systems, thereby creating interoperability and superior customer experience. UPI is expected to further ease instant payments via Mobile, Web and other applications. Unlike typical payment systems, UPI is innovative and unique in a way that one can identify a beneficiary customer by Virtual Payment address (VPA) in addition to regular bank account number and bank IFSC code. UPI is much more simplified and user-friendly than IMPS. Also, UPI is more secure than IMPS, as UPI enables the customers to perform transactions without sharing sensitive credentials. 

BBPS Switching Services

Bill payment is a major component of the retail payment transactions in India, and is characterized by the presence of large number of billers, who provide a variety of payment options to their customers. These opportunities have been identified by various organizations that have aggregated various billers to provide a single platform to make all these payments. As the next logical step in the evolution of the bill payment ecosystem, there is a need for an integrated bill payment system in the country that offers interoperable and accessible bill payment services to customers through a network of agents, allows multiple payment modes and provides instant confirmation of payments. The objective of NPCI’s Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is to implement an integrated bill payment system in the country that offers interoperable and accessible bill payment services to customers through a network of agents, enabling multiple payment modes, and providing instant confirmation of receipt of payment.

AEPS & Micro ATM Switching Services

Govt. of India (GOI) always looks forward to provide ease in banking facility to semi-urban and rural areas. As an approach towards this goal, GOI along with RBI, NPCI and UIDAI proposed a solution of eKYC and AEPS. eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) removes all physical identification barriers to open an account. An individual can open an account with the help of Aadhaar number only. AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) empowers bank customers to access their bank accounts with the help of their Aadhaar number.


AEPS allows the customer of the bank to perform various card less transactions based on his Aadhaar Number and Biometric data through Micro ATMs installed at Bank Premises, BC Locations in the network of the bank and NFS.Our AEPS solution is a secured and user-friendly solution which offers entire range of services from on-boarding a customer (via eKYC) to enabling customers to access their accounts using their Aadhaar number.

Fhantom Micro ATM has functional integration with AEPS and eKYC, in addition to allowing RuPay card-based On-us and Off-us transactions on Micro ATMs (POS Terminals).