What is POST?

what is posting

Posting is also used when a parent company maintains separate sets of books for each of its subsidiary companies. In this case, the accounting records for each subsidiary are essentially the same as subledgers, so the account totals from the subsidiaries are posted into those of the parent company. This may also be handled on a separate spreadsheet through a manual consolidation process. At the end of the accounting period, these items would be consolidated and posted into one line item in the general ledger.

what is posting

“You would think that early mornings would tend to do better on LinkedIn, but we’ve found that our afternoon posts do sometimes blow up. While it used to be primarily professionals who are up and scrolling at 5 a.m., LinkedIn now has a lot of young professionals who are browsing in their leisurely time, too. Simply select your goal and Hootsuite will provide tailored recommendations for the best times to post. Guardian Music journalist Sean O’Hagan described post-punk as a “rebuttal” to the optimism of the 1960s personified by the Beatles, while author Doyle Green viewed it as an emergence of a kind of “progressive punk” music. Biographer Julián Palacios specifically pointed to the era’s “dark undercurrent”, citing examples such as Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett, The Velvet Underground, Nico, The Doors, The Monks, The Godz, The 13th Floor Elevators and Love.

Music Hall

During the late 2010s and early 2020s, a new wave of UK and Irish post-punk bands gained popularity. Terms such as “crank wave” and “post-Brexit new wave” have been used to describe these bands. This scene is rooted in experimental post-punk and often features vocalists who “tend to talk more than they sing, reciting lyrics in an alternately disaffected or tightly wound voice”, and “sometimes it’s more like post-rock”.

In these cases, treatment is usually most effective when it addresses both the traumatic situation and the symptoms. People who have PTSD or who are exposed to trauma also may experience panic disorder, depression, substance use, or suicidal thoughts. Treatment for these conditions can help with recovery after trauma. Research shows that support from family and friends also can be an important part of recovery.

The best time to post on Instagram

The “For You” section shows you an endless stream of videos picked up by the algorithm, based on your past interaction on the app. Videos appearing in this section receive a wider audience and engagement. If you are also looking to boost your reach and engagement on TikTok, you ought to know the best time to post on TikTok.

It is usually used as a last resort, when all other attempts at service have failed. A method of publishing an ordinance by affixing it to the courthouse door. Assignment to a post, command, or particular location, especially in a military or governmental capacity. The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism monitors online incidents and postings of antisemitic hatred and propaganda. That was followed by a posting of the layoffs with the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Discover the myriad of artistic touches found throughout the property including sculptures, photography, architecture and of course, the artistry which mother nature has created all around us.


It’s a stepping stone to help you get in the eye of your audience. As you move forward to find the best time to post on TikTok, you will realize that there is no single best day or time. Every brand has multiple what is posting occasions to find maximum exposure for their followers on TikTok. Since TikTok only provides you the post-performance data of the last 7 days, you must create a spreadsheet to track all your content performance.

What is a posting in accounting?

Posting in accounting is when the balances in subledgers and the general journal are shifted into the general ledger. Posting only transfers the total balance in a subledger into the general ledger, not the individual transactions in the subledger.

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